Missing a Tooth? Dental Implant Restoration Can Solve the Problem

Find out if dental implant restoration is the right option for you. Dental implants are one of the newer tooth replacement alternatives available today and should be considered by those who are missing one or more of their teeth. Ready to find out more?

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Updating Fillings

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Reasons Your Front Teeth May Be Wearing Away

Tooth wear can be frustrating, especially for those who have no idea what is causing the deterioration. Tooth wear is a slow deterioration of a tooth's surface. This wear does not always occur from decay or physical trauma. Tooth wear … Continued

Questions to Ask At a Full Mouth Reconstruction Consultation

A full mouth reconstruction is a major dental procedure no patient should take lightly. If you are considering a complete mouth reconstruction, do not strictly rely on internet research to determine if this procedure is ideal for your mouth. Meet … Continued

7 Types of Common Mouth Infections

Mouth infections are the worst. They often lead to unbearable toothaches that leave you unable to get any sleep at night and unfocused during the day. It does not stop there, though. A mouth infection can spread to other areas … Continued

7 Tips to Whiten Dentures

Proper denture care often involves a daily cleaning of the prosthetic and whitening it from time to time. Dentures are the most affordable way to whiten teeth, especially if the patient is missing most of their natural teeth. Dentures help … Continued

9 Daily Dental Care Tips

Dental care is just as important as care for the rest of your body.  If your teeth and gums do not receive the proper level of dental care, your oral health will gradually decline. What people do not realize is … Continued

5 Signs of Rotten Teeth

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Do Pacifiers Make Your Kids’ Teeth Crooked?

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What are Healthy and Natural Teeth Whiteners?

Search the web for natural teeth whiteners and you will be inundated with all sorts of alleged solutions. The rising interest in natural teeth whiteners is partially due to the fact that traditional teeth whitening methods like strips, trays and … Continued