7 Types of Common Mouth Infections

Mouth infections are the worst. They often lead to unbearable toothaches that leave you unable to get any sleep at night and unfocused during the day. It does not stop there, though. A mouth infection can spread to other areas … Continued

7 Tips to Whiten Dentures

Proper denture care often involves a daily cleaning of the prosthetic and whitening it from time to time. Dentures are the most affordable way to whiten teeth, especially if the patient is missing most of their natural teeth. Dentures help … Continued

9 Daily Dental Care Tips

Dental care is just as important as care for the rest of your body.  If your teeth and gums do not receive the proper level of dental care, your oral health will gradually decline. What people do not realize is … Continued

5 Signs of Rotten Teeth

Neglecting rotten teeth will compromise your oral health to the point that you might even lose one or several teeth. The problem is most people do not know the signs of rotten teeth. Most patients find out their teeth are … Continued

Do Pacifiers Make Your Kids’ Teeth Crooked?

Pacifiers were considered harmless to kids' teeth until recent years.  Most parents give their baby a pacifier without a second thought. As we learn more about pacifiers and infant teeth, it is becoming increasingly clear pacifiers hinder tooth development. Pacifiers … Continued

What are Healthy and Natural Teeth Whiteners?

Search the web for natural teeth whiteners and you will be inundated with all sorts of alleged solutions. The rising interest in natural teeth whiteners is partially due to the fact that traditional teeth whitening methods like strips, trays and … Continued

Learn About The Different Types of Teeth

The tooth itself is made up of layers the top layer is called the crown. The shape of the crown determines the function of the tooth. If the teeth are not cared for properly, enamel can decay. Beneath the enamel … Continued

What Are Dentures Made Of?

What are dentures?Dentures are artificial teeth that are used to replace natural teeth that are damaged or been removed due to age or injury. They are temporary teeth that can be inserted or removed from the mouth when needed. They … Continued

Denture FAQ’s

Frequently asked denture questionsIs it possible for dentures to stain?  If so, how are stains removed?It is possible for dentures to stain.  However, it is not prudent to attempt a DIY (do it yourself) whitening procedure.  Dentures do not whiten … Continued

How to Prevent Tooth Pain

Visiting the dentist is undoubtedly the best way to stop tooth pain. However, there will be some time between the point at which the tooth pain occurs and the point at which the dentist can analyze the issue.  You can … Continued