Commonly Asked Questions About White Fillings

White Fillings

Composite resin or white filling is a tooth-colored process for filling cavities. It provides stability and excellent durability to your teeth to resist the fractures or tooth damage. This type of filling can withstand constant stress and moderate pressure of eating and chewing hard food. Suitable for both back and front teeth, people choose it to enhance the appearance of their smile as they look natural.

However, despite having multiple cosmetic and restorative of benefits, people generally have concerns about these fillings. No doubt, it is vital to discuss the option with your dentists to see if the dental treatment is a suitable option for you. Besides that, you can review this article to help in weighing the pros and cons of white filling. To help you explore it, we have gathered some of the commonly asked questions regarding this filling, along with the answers.

Common questions about white fillings

What is White filling?

White filling is a dental treatment to restore damaged or decayed tooth. It uses the filling material to fill the cavity to make it look and function normally.

How many types of white fillings are Available?

Available in a wide variety, you can choose amalgam, gold and silver colored dental fillings. Plus, your dentist examines your teeth to suggest suitable fillings for you from glass ionomer cement, porcelain, and composite.

Why is white fillings a good option?

Tooth or white-colored fillings do not only restore the decayed or damaged tooth but also serve as an excellent option for changing your tooth shape, size and color cosmetically. Moreover, white teeth fillings help you close the unsightly gaps between your teeth-particularly to repair chipped teeth.

What are the appropriate filling options for me?

Your dentist will help you in this regard by professionally guiding you about the available options. It is essential to consider your dental treatment requirements to choose the right filling.

  • Ceramic: These are porcelain made fillings and are excellent at resisting tooth stains. Plus, they can retain tooth color longer than other types of composite fillings.
  • Composites:  They use for aesthetic purpose and look natural. However, composite filling takes more time to complete than other types of fillings.
  • Glass ionomer:   It uses a specific glass compound that contains acrylic. The filling is best for the cavities, hiding below the gum line as it releases a powerful fluid to kill bacteria.

How long can dental filling last?

Different types of white fillings have a different lifespan. A composite filling is weaker and does not last longer than ceramic fillings, which stays at least 5 to 12 years. Glass ionomer, however, is less resistant and wears out within 2- 3 years.

Is white tooth filling harmful?

They are a safe option, but it is better to consider the following points,

  • A white tooth filling is pricier than other fillings
  • It is time-consuming
  • If you do not follow good oral hygiene routine, they may shrink and cause tooth sensitivity
  • White tooth fillings wear off earlier than silver fillings

Do you still have questions about white dental fillings? Ask us today!

The questions and answers above will help you choose the right type of dental filling treatment. However, never hesitate to contact our office, any time, so we can help answer any additional questions and guide you in making the best decision for your oral health.

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