Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Updating Fillings

Smile Makeover

Wanting a solution to upgrade your metal fillings? Cosmetic dentistry treatments are available that will remove your old metal fillings and replace them with new, more modern fillings. According to the American Dental Association, eventually, all fillings will need to be replaced. The reason is due to the constant use of the mouth, which can cause dental fillings to wear away until they are no longer able to perform the job they are supposed to do – protect the tooth from any further decay.

Why update fillings?

The main reason why it is important to update fillings is that they will eventually begin to fail and therefore will need to be replaced so the filling can continue to do the job it is supposed to do. Another reason why people are looking to update their metal fillings is that they do not want the fillings to show when they smile. A third reason is that metal fillings include materials that are deemed to be unsafe, no matter how small the quantity. 

Updated filling choices

Modern advances in cosmetic dentistry treatments now allow for new dental materials and even new techniques to be used when a dental patient is in need of fillings. The focus is on offering patients safer filling choices, as well as fillings that will last for many, many years. The following are three options for upgrading your fillings:

1. Amalgam - Amalgam fillings are made using a mixture of silver, copper, tin and mercury. All of these materials are super strong and super stable, which means they are going to last for many years to come.

2. Composite - Composite fillings are made using a mixture of acrylic resin and very fine glass-like particles. This filling choice offers durability and works best for small to medium sized fillings.

3. Glass ionomers - Glass ionomers are made using a mixture of very fine glass powder that contains fluoride and organic acid. When this filling choice is selected, patients will receive a solid filling that also releases fluoride.

Is one of these solutions right for you?

If you have any questions about the above cosmetic dentistry treatments for updating fillings, all you have to do is give us a call so we can provide you with the answer. Updating your metal fillings is a great idea, especially if you are having problems with them and are looking to improve your overall smile. Now is the time for you to decide which of the above cosmetic treatments is going to meet your needs so that you no longer have to have metal fillings in your mouth.

Want to hear about more option?

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