Denture FAQ’s

DentureFrequently asked denture questions

Is it possible for dentures to stain?  If so, how are stains removed?

It is possible for dentures to stain.  However, it is not prudent to attempt a DIY (do it yourself) whitening procedure.  Dentures do not whiten like regular teeth as they are comprised of plastic.

Clean your dentures every couple of days to decrease staining.  This cleaning will eliminate those pesky food particles and plaque that lead to staining and other oral health issues. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your dentures.

How are dentures cleaned?

The denture cleaning process commences with a rinsing of the food particles away from the dentures.  Moisten the brush and add the denture cleanser. The patient must clean every surface of the denture with a gentle scrubbing.

It also helps to soak dentures in a denture-cleaning solution.  Just be sure to read the directions on your denture cleaning products before using them.

Is it normal for my gums and teeth to be sore after receiving dentures?

You will likely feel a bit of discomfort following the placement of dentures in your mouth.  This soreness is normal.  The discomfort could last for days.  If your dentures are still uncomfortable several weeks or a month after receiving dentures, meet with your dentist for an adjustment.  The dentist will remove the dentures, clean them, relieve sore spots and adjust the bite as necessary.

Should dentures be worn at night?

No.  Dentures should be removed each night so you can enjoy a restful sleep.  The patient needs to thoroughly clean the dentures each night and place them in either water or a liquid denture cleanser overnight.

This cleaning will extend the denture's lifespan, preventing stains and the accumulation of bacteria.  Furthermore, removing the dentures at night gives the gums a chance to heal and rest.

How frequently should my dentures be checked by the dentist?

Your dentist should check the condition of your dentures a minimum of once per year.  If the dentures lose their fit and loosen, they will have to be remade.

How long do dentures last?

Most dentures last between half a decade and a decade or longer.

How long will the dentures have to be worn following their initial placement?

In most cases, the patient wears the dentures for an initial 24-hour period.  This means the patient sleeps with the dentures in place during the first night. This period of time permits the dentures to function as a bandage of sorts. The dentist who made your dentures will then meet with you the following day to alter the bite, gauge the fit and assist in any other way you need.

Can I eat any type of food following the placement of dentures?

You should restrict your food intake to soft foods for several days.  It might take some time to get used to the chewing and talking processes.  Give it some practice and it will not be long until you are perfectly comfortable with your dentures.

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