How to Prevent Tooth Pain

Tooth painVisiting the dentist is undoubtedly the best way to stop tooth pain. However, there will be some time between the point at which the tooth pain occurs and the point at which the dentist can analyze the issue.  You can do some things on your own during this period of time to stop tooth pain, even if only temporarily.

Prevent tooth pain

Salt Combined With Water Will Help Stop Tooth Pain

Combine salt and warm water in a cup.  Swish the mixture around in your mouth for thirty seconds to a full minute.  This saltwater solution is one of the most effective and cheapest means of stopping tooth pain until you can visit the dentist.  The best part about this approach is you can find salt and water just about anywhere, from work, home, restaurants, school or more.

Salt helps stop tooth pain thanks to its osmotic effect on the chompers.  Salt can be absorbed right on through the tooth's surface lining to alleviate pain and even help eliminate nasty bacteria.  Salt disinfects the mouth and teeth quite rapidly.  You might find a single minute or less of swishing with warm salt water will temporarily alleviate tooth pain.

Give Garlic and/or Cloves a Chance

Garlic might seem like an odd means of stopping tooth pain yet it really does work.  Peel a clove of garlic, crush it and position it in the cavity of the tooth in question.  Mix the crushed garlic with some peanut butter so it sticks to the tooth.  If garlic is a little bit too pungent for you, cloves will do the job.

Chew some cloves and/or apply clove oil to the tooth that aches.  Clove oil should only be applied a couple times.  If you were to apply cloves or their oil directly to your teeth in a repeated fashion, it might damage your pearly whites.

Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils have relieved countless toothaches at least up until the point at which the dentist can perform a permanent treatment/procedure.  Tea tree oil is the top essential oil to stop tooth pain.  Tea trees contain oil an inherent antibacterial element.  Give it a chance and you will find it does an excellent job of alleviating tooth and gum pain.

There are no complicated means of applying this oil.  Simply add the oil to the affected tooth.  Alternatively, you can rinse your mouth with tea tree oil and water.  Just be sure to use a tea tree oil that is organic as the non-organic variety will likely contain an elevated level of a pesticide.


Cucumber is an off-the-wall means of stopping tooth pain yet it has proven successful for some patients.  This soothing vegetable remedies puffy eyes as well as tooth pain.  Cucumber has inherent hemostatic properties that keep your blood firmly within blood vessels.

Apply a small piece of cucumber to your tooth and let it work its magic.  You can also create a paste with cucumber and sea salt to soothe the tooth.

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