Questions to Ask At a Full Mouth Reconstruction Consultation

full mouth reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is a major dental procedure no patient should take lightly. If you are considering a complete mouth reconstruction, do not strictly rely on internet research to determine if this procedure is ideal for your mouth. Meet with an experienced dentist, pose the questions detailed below and you will have all the information you need to make the right decision.

How many full mouth reconstructions have you performed?

The dentist's experience is of critical importance. Rely on an experienced dentist to perform your full mouth reconstruction, and you will feel completely comfortable during the procedure. Furthermore, an experienced dentist will help you understand exactly what a complete mouth reconstruction entails. The bottom line is your full mouth reconstruction should not be your dentist's attempt to figure out how to rebuild compromised teeth. If you are having hesitation in putting your faith in the dentist in question, ask this professional what he or she has learned from previous full mouth reconstructions. The amount of detail provided in the response will help you gauge the dentist's experience and merit.

How will you ensure the results are attractive and functional for years to come?

Full mouth reconstructions are highly unique compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Your full mouth reconstruction has the potential to alter the manner in which you bite. If the dentist cannot explain how the complete mouth reconstruction will improve your bite problem, enhance your aesthetic and promote tooth functionality, he or she may not be qualified to perform this procedure.

Can you briefly summarize full mouth reconstruction in layman's terms?

Full mouth reconstruction is not a simple procedure. This is a lengthy process that rebuilds the teeth along the upper and lower jaws. Once the full mouth reconstruction is complete, you should have all of your teeth in place, functioning and looking precisely as desired. If the dentist cannot explain how he or she will rebuild your entire smile with a full mouth reconstruction, you might be disappointed with the final result. The best dentists will break down this procedure in terms patients can easily understand. He or she should explain exactly how bridges, crowns, dental implants and other processes will be used to restore oral functionality.

Will bone grafting be necessary?

The dentist should be able to explain if bone grafting is necessary. If dental implants are required, ample supporting jaw bone will be required. Bone grafting ultimately hinges on whether there is enough of such bone in place. The dentist should also explain how advanced technology will be used to make bone grafting as minimally invasive and efficient as possible.

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