Reasons Your Front Teeth May Be Wearing Away

front tooth

Tooth wear can be frustrating, especially for those who have no idea what is causing the deterioration. Tooth wear is a slow deterioration of a tooth's surface. This wear does not always occur from decay or physical trauma. Tooth wear can also be the result of an individual's pathology. Front tooth wear is especially concerning as these teeth are prominent in anyone's smile.

Acid-related damage

Most people express surprise to learn acid causes front tooth wear as well as wear along the rest of the teeth. Acid generated in the stomach during the digestive process is necessary to dissolve food. The downside to acid is it also dissolves bone and even teeth. Those who have eating disorders or regurgitate acid as a result of stomach issues will find their teeth wear away sooner than they should. The back portion of the front teeth will display signs of wear before other teeth.

Every patient should be mindful of the threat of abrasion

Abrasion is wear induced by external sources. The most common type of abrasion results from overly hard brushing. Even using an abrasive toothpaste can damage the front teeth. Diet is also a primary cause of teeth erosion. Plenty of dental patients find out the foods they enjoy eating are quite abrasive when visiting with the dentist. Abrasion often causes notched-out spaces along the gum line. Awareness of such abrasion is the first step to reversing tooth wear. Alter dietary intake as advised by the dentist to minimize tooth wear and restore the worn structure. In some cases, a filling combined with composite bonding will restore worn teeth.

Avoid erosion-causing food and drink

Erosion is a gradual deterioration of the tooth structure. Acid is the primary cause of erosion. Although erosion is fairly common, it is the least recognized type of tooth wear. Erosion wears away at the front teeth as a result of the acid in a person's stomach. Avoid acidic beverages whenever possible and its possible a person's teeth can remain healthy, beautiful and functional across posterity. Even the simple act of ingesting acid has the potential to damage tooth enamel along the front teeth. In particular, the area around the gum line and the biting surfaces of the rear teeth are especially vulnerable.

Front teeth are susceptible to attrition

Attrition is a mechanical wearing of the chewing and biting surfaces of the front teeth. Direct contact between teeth when chewing gradually wears away at the surface. The front teeth will eventually shorten after this contact. If attrition occurs on the front teeth, there is the potential for disfiguration of the face to occur. Attrition can also cause sensitivity to cold, hot and sweet beverages or foods.

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