Visit Our Office for a Quality Pediatric Dentist Near Redwood City

Pediatric DentistFor a quality pediatric dentist near Redwood City, visit our office because we offer professional pediatric dental care to children who need it. We are a pediatric dentist who provides comprehensive dental care services for infants, young children, and adolescents. We offer a fun environment that any child will feel comfortable in as we help your children achieve optimal oral health for life. Continue reading to learn a few helpful tips about caring for your child's teeth as you search for the right dentist.

Preventing Early Childhood Dental Caries With a Pediatric Dentist

Early childhood dental caries can occur for many reasons. It often starts with the normal diet of an infant. Most infants consume fruit juice and milk on a daily basis, which is healthy but sugary substances. Sugar forms acid and bacteria once in the child's mouth, which dissolves young teeth. Since most children ask for a bottle several times throughout the day, these liquids are constantly in contact with gums and new teeth. Most damage begins once the first tooth erupts through the gums. At this age, a child should have already visited a pediatric dentist, or they should visit immediately. Parents can help their child prevent childhood dental caries by scheduling an appointment with a pediatric dentist now. This way, we can help determine the current state of the child's teeth and begin regular preventative dental care.

More ways to help your child avoid dental caries are:

  • Only allowing toddlers to carry a bottle when they are actually hungry or thirsty
  • Do not encourage bottle sucking or pacifying habits
  • Only give a child a bottle during feeding times unless it just has water in it
  • After your child consumes a bottle with juice or milk in it, rinse your child’s mouth out with water and gently rub or brush teeth with a child-appropriate toothpaste
  • Water is okay at all times because most water has fluoride in it, which helps combat dental caries

Finding a Quality Pediatric Dentist for The Child

Finding the right dentist near Redwood City can be challenging. It is hard to know where to start. Our office can provide a child with the necessary care to promote healthy teeth and gums for life, starting now. Parents can help their child avoid early childhood dental caries by visiting our office for preventative dental care. The preventative measures we take keep the child's teeth plaque-free and healthy, even if the child only has one or two teeth.

Baby teeth hold a healthy place for permanent teeth, so caring for them correctly is incredibly important. Young children are also at risk for developing bad habits like thumb sucking, teeth grinding (bruxism), and tooth decay that could affect their entire dental structure. To help them avoid these risks, we can provide additional preventative care in the form of safe dental sealants and fluoride treatments that offer extra protection.

Visit our office for a quality pediatric dentist near Redwood City. We will give you the support you need to keep your child's teeth in the best possible condition. We can prepare you for possible challenges as more teeth develop and help teach your child proper oral care habits.

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